Upgrades, Maintenance and Recovery Work

With the objective of maintaining security and a good routine, we act as a safety net for your website

Maintenance and support are vital once you’ve got your website up and running. It is essential if your site’s going to stay up-to-date and performing at its best.

Consistent software and platform updates permit you to keep your website safe and secure long-term. They also make certain that your system functions correctly and can still be supported should something go wrong.

Our steadfast team can keep an eye on your website and ensure that your platform is fitted with all the new features being released, making it as user-friendly and structurally complete as possible. This way, you can disregard the need for any expensive time-consuming rebuilds down the line.

Every so often businesses uses legacy software, which needs to be ported to the latest technology. As the market evolves and your priorities change, you may want to advance the functionality of your current software. We can aid you in these cases and minimize the loss of time and money.

Amrithaa has a proven track record of magnificently dealing with all kinds of projects at various stages of completion. Our experienced developers can rapidly identify the problematic aspects of software, platform or system and recuperate or enhance it according to your needs. Even if you have little to no working source code or documentation, we can express the most efficient solution to see the project through to completion.