Digital Strategy and Consulting

Crystal clear digital marketing strategies and consultation

Our data-driven digital strategies are designed to help businesses build long-term success. We offer solutions that bring measurable results for your brand at every stage of its growth. Our digital strategy services include:

Online Marketing Strategy

Amrithaa has widespread experience helping small and enterprise-level businesses raise their brand and produce more leads online. Our data-based approach measurably increases your business.

UX and Information Architecture Development

We provide consultation on technology and information management to help you make the right picks regarding technology and information management. This results in unified user experience and better usability of your website and/or software.

Content Strategy and Copywriting

Content plays a significant role in connecting with and converting your clienteles. We build a customized content strategy for your business with a flawless roadmap to produce attractive material that appeals to your target demographic.

Brand Strategy

After functioning to understand your business goals and objectives, we assist you to craft a brand image that carries your unique identity across all channels. This can help you appropriately communicate your selling point.

Our Approach


01. A consumer-focused approach

No two trades are the same. That’s why we make understanding your business and its goals such a large part of the process. This is a crucial aspect of building a unique, tailor-made digital strategy that is designed to work for you.


02. Adaptive to market changes

In the ever-changing digital world, you can’t depend on hasty fixes to achieve your business goals. We develop a strategy that organizes you for the digital challenges and changes that lie ahead. With effective adaptive strategies, you can stay on topmost of competition.


03. Robust, all-encompassing solutions

Amrithaa has a multipurpose team of IT and marketing gurus at the helm. With these skills at our disposal, we understand how to get the most out of technology and how it can be utilized to grow your business, meeting your digital aspirations.


04. Seamless transformation

We familiarize strategic improvements With our expert advice, your organization will experience a charming transformation that develops a sense of co-creation for everyone involved.

Digital Strategy is Business Strategy

Digital strategy has become a big part of the business plan of forward-thinking organizations. Here’s how we can improve your business operations through digital consultancy and customized solutions


Systematize your day-to-day business processes with a range of digital management solutions. Cloud-based file management, online portal development and backup solutions can facilitate more efficient processes. We also develop custom-made management apps based on a specific requirement you may have.


Operating your business and meeting its everyday challenges can be made a lot well-organized if you have the exact tools. We develop CRM, ERP, online portals and other custom tools that you need to get the upper hand in a competitive market, reduce operational costs and increase competence.


We build state-of-the-art cloud-based accounting and billing solutions for businesses. Smooth online ordering and payment process integrations make your conversion funnel smooth and whole. Made-to-order accounting solutions can help with your distinctive financial needs.


Strategic consultancy becomes most momentous when it comes to online marketing. Our experienced business development experts lead you along the way, helping you strengthen your online existence and continue to grow over time.

Customer Relations

A good digital strategy should aim to develop strong customer relationships and brand love for your business. We can improve the comprehensive engagement and social media strategy for your business, reassuring your visitors to interact with the brand.


Online Marketing Strategy

You might have an incredible website and great products. But without a proper marketing strategy, how are prospective customers going to find you? There is a lot of competition in the online space, and standing out from the mass requires creative and lateral thinking. A custom-made online marketing campaign involves the coordination of various moving parts according to your business objectives. But there is also a great possibility to succeed in this space with outside-the-box thinking and by demonstrating an inventive flair. This is an area that our marketing team hangs its hat on.

Amrithaa has years of experience in the online marketing industry. Our SEO, PPC and social media marketing experts have a proven track record of building brands and establishing effective conversion channels in the long run.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

UX and Information Architecture

User experience design and information architecture regulate the overall brand experience for your customers. Whether it’s your website or a software product, presenting information in the right way can be hard without adequately understanding the nature of user interaction and customer preferences.

We conduct the user analysis and research within your market to determine functional requirements, presentation and integration expectations that best fit your goals. Through analysis, we help you create your website or software products to ensure they offer the best user experience.

  • User Analysis and Research
  • Wireframing
  • Function Requirements
  • Integration Requirements

Content Strategy and Consulting

Content creation and promotion are deliberate processes to increase the reach and authority of your business. Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to spread awareness through the art of storytelling.

When done suitably, distributing quality, targeted content can lead to more conversions and help to establish your brand identity.

We develop a content strategy from scratch by defining consumer interests and profiling your competitors. This sanctions for the development of a plan to repurpose your existing content and create a roadmap for content creation going forward.

  • Content Audits
  • Persona Research and Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Copywriting

Brand Strategy

It isn’t always the best providers that triumph the most business. It’s those that market and brand themselves the right way. An effective brand strategy allows you to tap into the distinctive aspects of your business in a way that gets the attention of your target market.

Amrithaa will create a wide-ranging brand strategy that accounts for everything from the tone of your advertisements to social media strategies and customer relation policies. With the assistance from our branding experts, you’ll learn how to turn visitors into customers and create a feeling of brand loyalty over time.

  • Brand Name
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Design Guidelines
  • Communication and Promotion