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AKANA Foundation is a Social Restoration Forum that looks at the social changes keenly and wants to remove social problems and evils with a view to ensuring that everybody lives according to the status of his birth and protect the next generation. Our society has fought and fallen apart over petty things like a small money transaction, a misunderstanding, a bit of land, a small loan given or taken, a glass of water, a single mark in an exam, a meal, a game etc. to such an extent that a whole generation passes on the enmity.

It is the duty of the Foundation to appraise every segment of society of the scars of the conflicts and the acts that would remove the impact of the past misdeeds. We, who have been living like close-knit family that amazed the world, have been alienated by the impact of the Western culture of individualism.

Key Development

The project is developed in Tamil and English version. A website with responsive design the theme of the web is created based on the foundation branding activity. Also, we keenly designed it for their concept and activities. Created customized CMS with that the can easily manage their content in both languages. Through the panel they can manage their members

  • UI web design
  • UX web design
  • Responsive
  • Multilanguage
  • Contact
  • Downloadable files
  • CMS
  • Member Management
  • Communication