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Clickflow Mobile App

About Project

Clickflow is authorised dealer for some big brands they supply industrial products. Bring their business processes in to mobile app is the goal from the enquire to sale. Facilitate their clients to search the availability of the product and make purchase through mobile app and website. Clients can easily find their required products through brand search and category search, make their orders and track the delivery.

Huge brand and categories products which is with their exiting internal system also they updates the rate and stocks in the exiting system we created the bride between offline and online through tool update also by API.

Key Development

We developed a web-based business process management connect with their exiting system. Cloud based application through web panels. Then we made a cross platform mobile application to ensure the app runs both Android and IOS. the application using webservices. Designed Highly scalable and secured architecture.

  • UI Mobile App
  • UX mobile app
  • Cross Platform development
  • Web services
  • Payment Gateway
  • Data management
  • Order processing
  • Shipping/ Delivery
  • Reports